Chulk sent out, Perez in

The Brewers have designated right-handed reliever Vinnie Chulk for assignment and purchased left-hander Juan Perez’s contract from Triple-A Nashville. We’ll have more on the move at this afternoon.


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This game has great graphics and plays well. It is pertty much the same as 2K10 except that 2k10 did not have a freezing problem. 2K11 seams to freeze about every 8-10 games. I have friends who have the game also and are having the same problem. We all have new 360 s and have played hundreds of games and dont have the freezing problem that you get with MLB 2K11. That is why it only gets 3 stars instead of 4 or 5.

You should play in the smmuer whether it’s for a local team or just with friends/family. Be familiar with baseball and don’t just play it for the first time in a while when you try out in high school.You’d probably regret not trying out in future if you don’t. It’s better to get rejected than not try out at all.

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