Affable McGehee back in Milwaukee

Hey, Casey McGehee, what’s it like being back in Milwaukee?

“It’s a little weird,” said the infielder, who was traded to the Pirates in December after parts of three years with the Brewers. “It’s like seeing a girlfriend you broke up with that you don’t necessarily hate. You don’t want to spend too much time, but at the same time, it’s nice to see them.”

McGehee’s homecoming began Thursday, when the Pirates arrived in Milwaukee on their off-day. His wife, Sarah, and son Mack are on the trip, and the McGehees are hoping to reunite with some of the healthcare workers who were so kind to Mack over the years. He has cerebral palsy and is doing great, dad said.

“We got in [Thursday] on the off-day, and I kind of had to take a little step back,” Casey McGehee said. “It was pretty nice coming back and seeing faces that were pretty familiar for a few years. A lot of people stopped by and said hello.”

He is not in the Pirates’ lineup for Friday’s series opener.

Look for more from McGehee, including what he makes of Milwaukee’s early season struggles, at later tonight.


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