Bruised elbow sidelines Braun

It turns out this was not your run of the mill off-day for Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun. He said he couldn’t play after being plunked on the left elbow by a Bronson Arroyo pitch on Tuesday night.

“I can’t bend my arm,” Braun said. “Hopefully, it gets better. We’ll see. Luckily, tomorrow is an off-day.”

Had it been a game day, Braun said he doubts he would have been able to play.

Cleanup man Aramis Ramirez had a similar experience late last month, after he was struck by a wayward pitch at Arizona. Ramirez spoke out the next day about the high rate at which Brewers batters have been hit by pitches this season — a total that has since grown to a Major League-most 44 times entering Wednesday. Tampa Bay is a distant second, with 33 plunkings, and the Cubs are second in the National League, at 26.


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Today is a game day and he isn’t playing.

That’s a slick answer to a challenging quesotin

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My dad has passed on, too, Dawn, and not a day goes by that we all don’t miss him still. It feels srgnate not going to Hallmark and carefully picking out a Father’s Day card for him; srgnater not to see him, hear his wit and wisdom, enjoy his company. This is a super-sweet tribute to your dad!

darf ich ganz kurz korinthenkacken? das hsiest nicht nen , sondern n . mir ist schleierhaft, wie sich dieser fehler so weit verbreiten konnte. das we4re einen make-up ? wtf?ansonsten: die puppen sind toll!

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