La Russa explains Greinke snub

The Brewers had one notable player left out of the All-Star mix in Greinke, the right-hander who has made 12 quality starts this season with a 2.82 ERA. He is tied with Detroit’s Justin Verlander for the top spot in the Major Leagues with 3.6 wins above replacement.

Greinke was an All-Star in 2009, the year he won the American League Cy Young Award with the Royals. Making the cut this year would have meant another return to Kansas City.

National League manager Tony La Russa chose five pitchers to supplement the eight who made it via the player ballot. Three of those five were starters — Cole Hamels of the Phillies, Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers and Wade Miley of the D-backs.

La Russa attributed the absence of Greinke and Reds starter Johnny Cueto to the abundance of quality arms in the NL.

“That’s exactly right, those are the two guys [who were close], and there are others that you could point out,” LaRussa said. “There was something to consider: both Greinke and Cueto are pitching Sunday. When you’re splitting some pretty fine hairs, that worked against them.”

That’s true for Cueto, but La Russa was mistaken about Greinke. His final Brewers start of the first half is scheduled for Saturday against the Astros.

For those conspiracy theorists out there, I personally doubt very much that Greinke’s absence has anything to do with him calling the Cardinals’ Chris Carpenter “phony” before last year’s National League Championship Series. La Russa, who of course managed those Cardinals, had to weigh a number of factors in setting his roster, including the fact that all 16 clubs must be represented. Miley and Padres reliever Huston Street, another La Russa pick, were their clubs’ lone All-Stars.


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LaRussa is a jack-wagon. He leaves off both Greinke & Cueto. Pitchers from 2 teams he hates (Brewers & Reds). Yeah, that was no coincidence.

absolutely agree, jack-wagon is exactly what he is

Greinke bad mouthed Carpenter. Cueto ended Jason LaRue’s career while kicking him IN THE FACE. The real “jack-wagons” are the players being left off. Sucks to suck, bros.

James, eat a dick you cunt.

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Oh no! He said something mean to poor old Chris Carpenter? That Zack Greinke is a bad boy!

Get a grip, James. There are a lot of people who greatly dislike your team, it’s players and it’s former manager. They also dislike you and your fellow Cards fans for being condescending, arrogant, self righteous JACK WAGONS. Hmmm……there’s that word again.

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