Greinke says report of offer ‘pretty accurate’

A report that the Brewers offered right-hander Zack Greinke a five-year contract extension in excess of $100 million was “pretty accurate,” Greinke said Friday.

But Greinke, a free agent after the season, felt uncomfortable revealing more, including whether he and agent Casey Close were receptive to such an offer, or whether talks would continue.

“That’s tricky stuff,” Greinke said. “I don’t want to get involved with telling you guys too much about it.”

CBSSportsline’s Jon Heyman reported the offer and said it was made more than a week ago. Heyman wrote, citing an unnamed source, that, “there’s nothing yet to indicate [Greinke] will sign quickly and give up free agency.”

Greinke would not comment on that. Brewers general manager Doug Melvin declined comment this week about the club’s status with Greinke.

“I don’t know where those guys get that stuff,” Greinke said. “These guys must have their sources really good. It’s pretty interesting how political everything is; I guess with every job.”


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I personally feel that the Brewers, my team, need to get rid of their manager! He takes out a good pitcher, like Randy Wolfe, who was pitching great and put someone else in and they lose. Today, Axeford struck out the last three men he faced,Reinicke, takes him out, puts K-rod in and they lose again. Poor managing!!I don’t care anything about this so called platoon system or whatever they call it, if a pitcher is pitching well leave him in. I also see that theReinicke also leaves crummy pitchers in toolong. Doesn’t make much sense to me!!!

M. Watkins, a faithful fan for 45 years!!!

Sorry, it’s been 43 years since the Brewers became the Milwaukee Brewers,1969 to be exact.

reinicke was told to pull greinke after 7 by his new team as part of the trade deal. there`s not a manager in any level of baseball that could have been that stupid to replace his starter as well as greinke was pitching.

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