Greinke expects Angels’ pitching to be ‘pretty incredible’

Here’s what Zack Greinke had to say before the Brewers cut short a brief question and answer session tonight:

Q: Are you happy that if this was going to happen, it happened quickly?

I didn’t think about it that way. I’m just going to miss my time here. It was a lot of fun. We had a great team, a great group of guys and everybody gets along. So, it was a fun clubhouse. It’s surprising that everyone could still get along as good when we’re not playing good. Most teams, if you’re playing good, you get along [and] if you’re not playing good, you usually don’t get along. Here, it’s a great group of guys.

Q: What’s your reaction to going to the Angels?

It should be fun. They’ve got a great team. I think after the first month [that] they struggled, they’re one of the best teams in baseball. They definitely have a lot of talent there. A lot of good players, great pitching. That pitching staff will be pretty incredible.”

[Greinke said he spoke briefly to Ange;s GM Jerry DiPoto. He was not sure about the schedule for his Angels debut.]

Q: The Brewers wanted to keep you here. What’s your version of why that didn’t work out?

It’s a business decision, I guess, is the best way to describe it. That’s just how baseball is. But I enjoyed it here, and they say they enjoyed having me. Hopefully, the guys they got for me end up helping out, because I know the guys they gave up to Kansas City for me, some of them turned out pretty good. Hopefully, it’s the same story here.”

Q: Is he open to returning to the Brewers if they pursue him in free agency?

Yeah. I mean, I haven’t talked about anything going on with free agency. But like I said, it would definitely be a possibility.”


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