Melvin details Brewers’ final push to re-sign Greinke

The Brewers made their last effort to re-sign Zack Greinke in late June and were rebuffed, general manager Doug Melvin said Friday in clarifying one of the more confusing aspects of Greinke’s final days as a Brewer. A report last week said the Brewers offered a five-year extension in excess of $100 million. Melvin later said that wasn’t quite right.

So what did happen?

As Melvin told it, he contacted agent Casey Close to talk some “parameters.” If the Brewers were to offer ‘X’ — Melvin declined to offer specifics — would that be a starting point for new negotiations?

“To me, negotiations are when you exchange numbers on paper, fax them back and forth,” Melvin said. “We never really did that. The conversation that we had when I talked with Casey Close was, ‘We know Zack wants to be a free agent, we know where Matt Cain signed [with the Giants]. Is there anything to get us involved to forego [free agency]? If not, we understand that.’ I threw the parameters out there.”

Those parameters were somewhere in the neighborhood of but below the contract Cain signed with the Giants in early April that added five years and $112.5 million in new guaranteed money to his deal.

Close’s response?

“I think it’s just best to be a free agent,” Melvin said.

At that point, it became clear that the Brewers would either have to climb back into contention or consider trading Greinke. When they fell out of the race, a trade became inevitable.

On Friday, the Brewers traded Greinke to the Angels for shortstop prospect Jean Segura and two pitchers, ending a brief but colorful era in Milwaukee.


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