Setback for Hart on the bases

An unsuccessful baserunning session on Sunday morning cast serious doubt on outfielder Corey Hart’s hope to return to the Brewers’ starting lineup by Tuesday in Pittsburgh.

Hart missed a sixth consecutive start on Sunday with a left foot injury. He has a partial tear of the plantar fascia, the connective tissue that runs across the bottom of the foot.

“I’m definitely aiming for Tuesday, I just wish it would have felt better today than it did,” Hart said. “It’s a little frustrating. Today was the first day I tried to run the bases, and it didn’t go as planned.”

Running in a straight line was fine, but the trouble came when Hart ran along the arc along the outer edge of the infield dirt.

Travis Ishikawa started in Hart’s place again on Sunday. Hart said Ishikawa “has been awesome” while filling in, and is pondering whether to force a return to the lineup or whether the team is better with Ishikawa and Taylor Green splitting first base duty.

“It’s tough, because I want to play,” Hart said. “I’ve played through a lot of injuries, but it’s one of those things where if I’m on first, I’m not going to be able to score on a double. If I’m on second, it’s going to be iffy to score on anything. Is it worth it to these guys? I feel like I wouldn’t be able to do everything I need to do.”

The last resort, Hart said, is an anti-inflammatory injection. The club’s medical officials on Sunday were mulling the pros and cons of that step.

Asked about the possibility Hart might not be able to play the rest of this season, manager Ron Roenicke said, “That’s always a possibility.”


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