Daily Hart update: ‘Same’

Corey Hart needed only one word Tuesday to update the condition of his injured left foot:

“Same,” Hart said.

That was bad news for the Brewers, who were hoping to have their slugging first baseman back in the lineup Tuesday for the start of a crucial, 10-game road trip. Instead, Hart remained indefinitely sidelined, limited — maybe — to pinch-hitting duties because of torn tissue along his left arch.

Doctors, Hart said, had ruled out what he considered the last resort — a platelet-rich plasma injection to speed healing in the area. Hart said Drs. William Raasch and Mark Niedfeldt decided, according to Hart, that the temporary relief would not outweigh the risk of further, more serious damage.

So Hart instead continued experimenting with different tape jobs, and is wearing custom shoe inserts to ease pain in his foot.

“If baseball was all in straight lines, I’d be good to go,” Hart said. “I feel like it’s improving, but not to where I need it. It’s tough, because I want to go out there and play every day, but there are so many things that I think I would hurt our team if I was in there. I feel like I couldn’t score from first [on a double] or score from second [on a hit], quick plays at first are going to be hard to move back and forth.”

Beginning Tuesday, the Brewers had only 16 games remaining in the regular season, but manager Ron Roenicke expressed optimism that Hart would see action before the year is out.

“If he keeps getting a little bit better, I think he will be able to start [a game],” Roenicke said. “If we get to the point where he’s not getting any better at all, we’ll have to talk about it and see what he wants to do, but I’m still hopeful that we’ll get him back out there.”


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