Roenicke says Greinke would be fine in big market

Just because I can’t get enough Zack Greinke, here’s the exchange between  Brewers manager Ron Roenicke and reporters this afternoon about the former Milwaukee right-hander:

Q. Ron, a lot’s been made of Zack Greinke’s, I guess, unique personality and some of the issues he’s had in the past with anxiety and depression. What was the guy that you got to know like?

RON ROENICKE: Zack was one of the most interesting players that I’ve had and one of the most enjoyable players that I’ve had. There was a couple things there. He’s brutally honest. And he’s going to make some comments at times that you’re not going to be happy about, and then he turns around a couple days later, and you talk, and all of a sudden you’re laughing and really enjoying the guy.

Most of the cases, all the conversations we had were something that, when it was done, I was like, ‘Wow, that was impressive.’ And he’s like that. He’s interested in a lot of things. He doesn’t care for a lot of fluff talk. He doesn’t care how the weather is outside, he wants to know how his slider can get nastier. That’s what he wants to know.

When you talk to him about those things that interest him, you’re in for a great conversation.

Q. How do you see that translate on the field, that personality? Obviously … the Dodgers have been linked to him, the whole big market issue. I guess it’s kind of being thrown out there again. How do you think his personality is reflected in the way he plays?

RON ROENICKE: Well, I think we tried to‑‑ we tried to go out of our way to make him comfortable. We did.

Q. How so?

RON ROENICKE: Just making sure that he was in all conversations on what we were going to do, whether it was his workout routines, whether it was his bullpens, whether it was where he was going to stay in town. There was a lot of things I wanted him to make sure that he felt comfortable with the front office, with the staff, and with his teammates.

He fit in right away. It didn’t take long. Spring Training, he was‑‑ we have a lot of conversations of Spring Training before we start for the day. Zack was very vocal in some things, which I thought was great. So it didn’t take long for him to fit in. And we’ve got an easy bunch of guys to get along with. But he liked it there. We certainly liked him and what he did for us as a team.

He’s a lot of fun. You can talk to our guys that would chuckle at every quote that he would make and some of the ones in Spring Training, and there’s not too many guys that are brutally honest to where it’s kind of refreshing.

Q. Do you remember any favorite conversation you had with him on any topic, or you just walked away and kind of said, ‘Wow.’

RON ROENICKE: I can’t remember favorite conversations, but I can remember one [instance] where I talked about a certain way he was pitching and he didn’t agree with me and basically told me that. I was a little upset with him for a couple days, and he came back in, and we talked about it again.

By that time, he agreed with me. But I can remember the quotes in Spring Training. They’re classics. They are.


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