Brewers garner national ad honor

The Brewers and their advertising agency on Tuesday received the 2013 National Sports Forum “ADchievement” Overall Award of Excellence. The announcement was made during the NSF awards ceremony in Orlando, Florida.

The Brewers internal creative team, along with 2-Story, the club’s Milwaukee-based agency, developed the campaigns and collateral pieces that were recognized with this award.

The National Sports Forum is the largest annual cross gathering of the top sports marketing, sales, promotions and event entertainment executives from throughout the broad spectrum of North American teams and leagues, including MLB and the Minor Leagues, the NFL, NBA, NHL, racing and colleges.

In addition to the NSF ADchievement Overall Award of Excellence, the Brewers were chosen as finalists in five advertising categories, including twice in the Alternative Media category. These categories included the following: Television, Out-of-Home, Social/Mobile Media, Print and Alternative Media.

Finalists and winners in each category were determined by an independent group of Southern California advertising experts who also determined the finalists for the NSF ADchievement Overall Award of Excellence winner through a quantitative scale. Other Finalists for this year’s Overall Award of Excellence included The Orlando Magic, Texas Motor Speedway, The St. Louis Rams, The Oakland A’s, and Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment. In 2012, the Brewers received this same recognition at The National Sports Forum in Oklahoma City. And, in 2011, they received the National Sports Forum’s SAMMY Award (Sales, Advertising, Marketing or Management Idea of the Year) for the “Missing You” campaign, which focused on Season Seat Holder renewals.


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