New connection between Braun, Biogenesis

Hours after reporting to Spring Training and declining to answer questions about Biogenesis, Ryan Braun faced a new round of questions about his link to the South Florida clinic under investigation by Major League Baseball. on Friday afternoon published what it said is an additional excerpt from the logbooks of Tony Bosch, who headed the now-defunct anti-aging clinic, which includes Braun’s name on what a source told ESPN was a list of Biogenesis clients. The firm is being investigated by MLB for supplying some players with banned substances.

The latest story was published hours after Braun had met reporters and made clear he was not willing to field questions about Biogenesis. He was first linked to the clinic last week in a Yahoo! Sports report, and was linked again in the new ESPN report on Friday afternoon, which included a list allegedly from Bosch’s notebook that includes Alex Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera, Braun and Francisco Cervelli, with the figure “1,500” written next to Braun.

Like the Yahoo! report, the new document does not list any banned substances next to Braun’s name. But a source told ESPN that the new document was a list of players who received performance-enhancing drugs.

Braun has denied such charges, saying his attorneys only consulted with Bosch while working on Braun’s appeal of a possible suspension during the 2011-12 offseason.

Attorney Martin Singer released a statement to ESPN on Friday:

“My client confirmed last week that there was an alleged claim for money owed to Mr. Bosch because he had been used as a consultant by my client’s attorneys in his successful appeal with MLB last year. Several witnesses can corroborate how Mr. Bosch requested over thousands of dollars for his consulting with my client’s attorneys last year. My client has no relationship with Tony Bosch, and the only relationship Mr. Bosch had was with my client’s attorneys as a consultant.”


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