Roenicke sees high ceiling for Peralta

Just how highly does Brewers manager Ron Roenicke regard Wily Peralta, the team’s consensus top prospect?

The manager offered a glimpse on Thursday morning.

“There’s separation from guys that you think have a chance to be ‘Yo’ [Gallardo] and [CC] Sabathia and Greinke, and other guys are just going to be good Major League pitchers,” Roenicke said. “But Peralta has enough special stuff that he has a chance to be one of those [top-tier] guys.”

Peralta, vying for a spot in Milwaukee’s starting rotation, has yet to see hitters in camp because the Brewers backed off slightly after he reported some stiffness following his first Arizona bullpen session. Peralta is not pitching in the World Baseball Classic, so there is no need to rush him along, Roenicke said.

Here’s how Roenicke compared Peralta and another promising pitcher, Mark Rogers:

“Peralta is more an up top, power, moving ball that’s coming down in the zone, with a tight, nice slider that’s going to be a ‘punch-out’ slider,” Roenicke said. “I know he didn’t punch-out a lot of guys in Triple-A last year, but when he got to us and he commands both of those, he’s going to be a punch-out pitcher.

“Rogers is more an explosive, up in the zone, ‘I’m going to throw it up here and you can’t catch up.’ That’s a completely different pitcher, even though velocities are the same. Peralta is going to be a better pitcher when he’s down in the zone; Rogers might be a better pitcher when he’s up in the zone and up above the zone.”

You can read more about Roenicke’s thoughts on the race for the starting rotation at later today.


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