Milestone day tomorrow for Hart

Brewers first baseman Corey Hart is expecting good news from a follow-up MRI scan of his right knee on Friday. If the scan shows sufficient healing of the surgically-repaired joint, he will be cleared to ramp-up rehab.

“I’m eager because I’m bored of the same stuff,” Hart said.

Hart used the word “microfracture” again in describing his injury. He had a procedure on Jan. 25 in which the knee joint surface was debrided — a process in which the surgeon induces bleeding around an imperfection to induce the body to fill in the gap. Hart also had a small meniscus tear repaired.

“Tomorrow, if it shows it’s good, then I’ll have no crutch and I’ll be able to slowly get into strengthening it,” Hart said. “It will be 3-4 weeks before I’m into baseball stuff.”

Hart said the knee feels “great,” though he’ll have to work to improve its range of motion. Assuming the MRI brings good news, he will be able to drive a car again — a nice perk considering his driver in recent weeks, fellow first baseman Mat Gamel, will undergo a knee surgery of his own on Friday for a torn ACL. Gamel will stay in Hart’s guest house during the early stages of his rehab.


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