Hart off crutches, eager to ramp-up rehab

Corey Hart was not exactly sure Saturday morning about the next step in his rehab from knee surgery, but he was thrilled about one positive side effect from his encouraging MRI scan the day before: He can drive again.

“I hate depending on people,” Hart said, looking around the clubhouse. “A lot of these people in here found out where I live. Especially the guys in Scottsdale, I would say, ‘If you just take me, I live real close.’”

Not exactly. Hart lives in a community west of Phoenix — on the opposite side of town from Scottsdale.

“[Bobby] Crosby took me one day and I was like, ‘Dude, I just live on the other side of [U.S. Hwy.] 101,'” Hart said. “Then we cross the 101 and I say, ‘See those mountains way out there? I live on the base of those mountains.’ But guys were definitely helpful.”

Now, Hart will be free to help himself. Friday’s MRI confirmed that the defect on the joint surface of his knee has “filled in” since his Jan. 25 surgery. He no longer has to walk around on crutches, and will slowly graduate to new exercises intended to build strength and increase range of motion.

The Brewers’ original estimate had Hart sidelined until late May. Hart remains optimistic about beating that prediction.

“It was good news, but I still don’t know exactly what the game plan is yet,” Hart said. “It was good enough news that I don’t have to wear crutches anymore and I can start driving, but I still don’t know if there is a timetable or a plan. I just know I’m about to do more.”

“I think [an April return] is more a possibility now than it was,” said Hart. “I think they were — not surprised, but they weren’t sure what it was going to show. All of a sudden it showed it was good enough to where I can move forward. I know I’ll do more than I’ve been doing. I know I can do more, I just don’t know how much more. I can’t jump to doing full body weight stuff.”


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