Gomez, Melvin on today’s news

The Brewers have announced a three-year contract extension for center fielder Carlos Gomez, who will get $7 million in 2014, $8 million in 2015, $9 million in 2016 and a chance to prove that last year’s breakthrough was no fluke.

“Personally, I feel really good about the steps that I’ve taken, and I appreciate the opportunity they give me again, and I trust in my ability,” Gomez said. “I’ve been past a lot of stuff in my career … and now this is going to be my fourth year here [plus] a three-year extension. I’m going to spend seven years of my career on this team, and I feel like I’m going to be a big part for the Brewers for seven years. I feel really excited to continue my progress, continue to work.

“Some people ask me if I’m happy. Yes, I’m happy, but I’m not going to be completely happy until I [finish] my job and I’m sure I deserve that money.”

General manager Doug Melvin, who has locked up many of the team’s young players in recent years, pushed the notion of stability.

The thing I like about this also is we have two young catchers, a young shortstop, [second baseman] Rickie [Weeks] is under 30 years of age, and now we have a young center fielder. Sometimes the toughest parts to fill on a ballclub are up the middle.”

All of those players — catchers Jonathan Lucroy and Martin Maldonado, shortstop Jean Segura, Weeks and Gomez are under club control through 2015, when the Brewers hold an option on Weeks.

“It’s a good building foundation for us,” Melvin said.

Of Gomez, Melvin said, “He’s come into his own. He’s always had good physical skills, and I think he’s good for this ballclub with Ron [Roenicke’s] aggressive managing style. Carlos has always played that game, so it’s a good fit for us.”


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So glad you’re back! You were my favorite site. No drama just love and no Kristen hate. Love that! Plus your site was easy to naavigte. Hope this is a positive experience for you!

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