Davis slugs way onto Brewers roster

Khris Davis has had a very good week. On Tuesday, he got engaged. On Wednesday, he was informed that he’d slugged his way onto the Brewers’ Opening Day roster.

The Brewers did not plan to officially set their roster until after Saturday’s exhibition finale against the White Sox. But assuming the plan holds, Davis’ next milestone will be his Major League debut.

“It still hasn’t hit me yet, really,” said Davis, 25. “I don’t know when it will.”

Davis will serve as the Brewers’ fifth outfielder and a power right-handed bat off the bench. The former seventh-round Draft pick, Milwaukee’s 16th-best prospect according to MLB.com, forced his way into the Brewers’ plans by belting a team-best six home runs in Spring Training games, plus another long blast in an exhibition against Canada’s World Baseball Classic team that did not count in the official statistics, plus a team-best 16 RBIs.

The final cut came down to Davis and catcher/first baseman Blake Lalli, a left-handed hitter. The Brewers picked Davis for his bat; because he is mostly limited to left field by a below-average throwing arm, he figures to see very limited defensive duty unless something happens to regular left fielder Ryan Braun.

The next challenge, Davis said, is “Staying here. Not taking anything for granted. I’m going to keep working hard and helping the team with whatever I can do. Bring some energy to the table and be a good teammate. That’s the best thing I can do right now.”


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Very thoughtful rpnsoese to what is becoming a lynch mob’ mentality. Today it is Monsanto tomorrow it could be (fill in the blank) . Shouting and chanting an allegation doesn’t make it legitimate.

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