Roenicke back in the saddle after back scare

Ron Roenicke’s back was so locked up last night and early this morning that he seriously doubted he’d be able to manage Tuesday’s Brewers-Cubs game at Wrigley Field.

“That’s what I was worried about,” Roenicke said. “If I would have stayed at the hotel, I wouldn’t have been here.”

Instead, he left the team hotel at about 5:30 a.m. CT and went to a Chicago emergency room for medication and treatment. By 9:30 a.m., Roenicke was back at the hotel, and by Tuesday afternoon, he was back at frozen Wrigley Field.

He intended to manage the game, and if he continued feeling as well as he did when the Brewers took the field to stretch, about 90 minutes before the first pitch, he planned to make pitching changes as usual.

“It’s been bothering me for a few days, but not enough to — I could still throw, hit fungoes,” Roenicke said. “It was just a bad position in bed, watching a movie, and I couldn’t move.”

Roenicke has had back trouble before related to an injury from his playing days, but said this one was different. It was related to his sciatic nerve.

He joined a long list of Brewers on the injury report.

“I guess it’s contagious,” Roenicke joked.


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