Estrada speaks of renewed confidence

Six days after saying he felt “lost” throughout a dismal start against the Cardinals, Brewers right-hander Marco Estrada sounded like a new man on Saturday.

The team is giving him two extra days off between starts, a break that afforded Estrada an extra bullpen session with pitching coach Rick Kranitz and, just as importantly, an opportunity to clear his mind of the frustration that dragged him down Sunday against St. Louis, against whom he surrendered nearly as many earned runs (eight) as he recorded outs (10). He had never walked more than three batters in 100 previous Major League appearances, including 38 starts, but walked four batters Sunday before the end of the second inning.

It was the most lost Estrada had ever felt on a mound.

“By far,” Estrada said. “It was a feeling that I’ve forgotten about. I don’t want to go back there again. It was scary, you know?

“It was one of those days where nothing was working. Not my body, not my arm angle, not the mental aspect of it. Nothing.”

And now?

“I feel a million times better,” Estrada said. “I know those things are going to happen, but I didn’t like how the mental aspect of it was lost. Normally, I feel like I have pretty good control over that. I didn’t have it that day, but I’ve worked on it. Mentally, right now, I’m pretty strong.”

Instead of pitching Saturday against the Reds as originally scheduled, Estrada will  pitch Monday in Pittsburgh.

He threw his regular between-starts bullpen on Wednesday in Milwaukee and threw another this weekend in Cincinnati. The Brewers would have preferred to have Estrada skip a start entirely, but that was not possible since Friday began a stretch of 13 games in as many days.

“I didn’t really change anything except I threw two bullpens in between,” Estrada said. “Mentally, I feel like I’ve prepared really well. I’m feeling pretty good right now. We worked on a couple of things in the ‘pen, and today we’re going to do a couple more things that should help me out with balance and whatnot. … It is different, but it’s good to have. When you have these extra days off, you have to take advantage of them.”


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ANY contribution from ANY starting pitcher would be a plus right now. Might be a LONG season if our starters continue to perform this way. Kinda hard to watch.

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