Gallardo’s postgame transcript

A very interesting postgame scrum with Yovani Gallardo after his four-inning, five-hit, four-run, two-walk, seven-strikeout outing against the Pirates today. I thought you may be interested in the whole thing (my own emphasis in bold): 

Gallardo: “It’s definitely frustrating. I mean, I don’t know how to explain it, really. I felt good. I felt good last start, also, and I felt even better today. The walk to [Michael] McKendry, and then [Jordy] Mercer hits that triple. I just left a curveball up in the zone with two strikes. Especially with two strikes, you can’t be doing that. You can’t be having that kind of mistake. And then that one to [Pedro] Alvarez, it was a change-up that he pulls [the bat] in and somehow it stays just fair, it hits the line, which makes it even more frustrating to see the little things like that.”

Question: When you say you’re feeling better, do you feel as good as you did the last few years?

Gallardo: “Yeah, I do. I know we’re going to talk about the velocity again. But, I mean, velocity is not the issue. I’m sure if you ask any guy in here, I’m sure they would want to have 96 [mph] for the rest of their career. My mechanics, they’ve been feeling great the last start and this start. Now it’s just a matter of finishing guys off whenever I need to.

“Like today, that curveball with two strikes [to Mercer]. Just leaving pitches up in the zone whenever I have to locate down.”

Question: Ron Roenicke said he thought your “stuff” was good today, especially the life on your fastball. Were you feeling that way, too?

Gallardo: “Yeah. Like I said, today felt a lot better than my last start against the Dodgers. I felt like I was locating the ball down and away to a righty and going in when I needed to. It was just one of those weird days that everything felt good [and the results did not match]. I was throwing changeups for a strike — when have you guys ever seen that from me? It was one of those things that’s just frustrating. you go out there and have pretty good command of all your pitches, and obviously the results are not there. But it’s a matter of keep moving forward. I know it seems I’ve been saying that for a while now, but there’s not much you can do. I can’t control what happens after I let go of that ball, throw that pitch.”

Question: How about the Pirates? Do you see them as a better team than past years?

Gallardo: “Yeah. Like I said the last time, they make you work. They foul off some pretty good pitches. They make you battle and fight. You leave a mistake up in the zone, and they’ve got the kind of guys who can take advantage of it.”

Question: What is the frustration level, as a group, in this clubhouse right now?

Gallardo: “It’s tough. It’s definitely tough. We all know we’re a lot better than what we’re playing right now. For the team, it’s frustrating. It just seems that we can’t get things together. But we just have to turn it around as a team. Obviously, I know the starting pitching hasn’t been very good. For us as starters, we have to turn it around. We have to go out there and go seven, eight innings and give the bullpen a break, let the hitters swing the bats and putting up some runs and when we get the lead, hold the lead.”

Question: You said the starting pitching hasn’t been very good this year; do you feel like you need to be the catalyst for turning that around?

Gallardo: “I think we all do. Obviously, it doesn’t help that I’m going out there struggling. We all just have to pick each other up. Just like you said, we’ve been struggling, but we can’t let each guy get down on themselves. You have to keep pushing them forward, keep working hard. Not letting guys give up, that’s the main thing. I’m not speaking about anybody in here, but once guys give up, going out there not competing — the guys we have in here, we’re on each other to work on things we need to work on to turn it around. It’s a tough stretch right now. I’m not going to sit here and lie, saying that we’re going out there and doing well. When things are going tough, you just need to work harder and battle through it.”


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Sounds like honest answers to me

Sounds like honest answers to honest questions to me

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