Braun addresses latest Biogenesis report

Here’s what Ryan Braun had to say tonight about Biogenesis:

“In regards to that whole crazy situation, the truth still hasn’t changed,” Braun said. “I’m still going to continue to respect the process and not discuss anything in the media. Beyond that, the vast majority of stories that have come out are inaccurate. But aside from that I’m not going to say anything else tonight.”

Pressed on that, Braun would not say whether Tuesday’s story was inaccurate. ESPN reported that he met with Major League Baseball investigators on June 29 and did not answer their questions about the South Florida firm accused of supplying some players with banned substances.

“Just the vast majority of stories that have come out are definitely inaccurate,” Braun said.

He said he was informed of ESPN’s latest report right before the game, Braun’s first off a month-long stint on the disabled list for a right-hand injury. He hit the first live pitch he’d seen in exactly one month for a first-inning single and finished 1-for-3 before exiting after the sixth, part of the Brewers’ plan to ease him back into action.

Was Biogenesis a distraction on Tuesday?

“I think I’m numb to the emotions of the whole thing,” Braun said. “I’ve dealt with it for so long, so I think I do a pretty good job of not being distracted by it.”


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If Braun says most of the stories are untrue, then that means they are accurate. Braun couldn’t tell the truth to save his life

And no one knows the truth more than Carter H.

I so badly want to believe him but at this point, the writing appears to be on the wall.

OK, all you know-it-alls, keep on wagging your tongues – or pens as the case may be. Braun knows the truth and if he says he didn’t do anything wrong then we should believe him until proved otherwise. We all know that Baseball has an ax to grind with Braun because he beat them once. Those who run baseball are so arrogant they’ll haunt Braun until he’s out of baseball if he beats them this time. The person who ran the biogenesis clinic has already been proved to be a liar so whose to say he won’t lie again? If there’s proof, with hard copies of documents, of Braun’s involvement in the Florida clinic then I’ll believe Braun was involved, not until then. I won’t believe a man’s testimony (the man who ran the clinic) if he’s already lied once.

I want to see proof Braun is lying.

Too much hate being displayed toward Braun and others that are falsely accused in the media without proof. Look in the mirror before you throw mud, anger, and whatever other jealousies toward anyone.

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