Owings the Crew’s next Kieschnick?

Micah Owings is a pitcher turned hitter whom the Brewers hope turns into something in the middle.

“He is the reincarnation of Brooks Kieschnick,” assistant general manager Gord Ash said.

Kieschnick found both success and a cult following with the Brewers as a power-hitting relief pitcher in 2003-04, posting a 4.59 ERA alongside eight home runs. Often, he would pitch the top of an inning and then bat, saving then-manager Ned Yost a bench player.

Owings, 30, signed a Minor League contract with the Brewers after opting out of his Triple-A deal with the Nationals, for whom he had been working exclusively as a hitter. He was expected to make his first appearance as a pitcher since 2011 on Friday night at rookie-level Arizona, but was pushed to Monday because of what Ash termed some minor arm soreness.

When he has built sufficient arm strength, Owings will be assigned to Double-A Huntsville, Ash said.

“The appeal with us is we wanted him to do both [pitching and hitting],” Ash said.


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