Brewers react to Biogenesis suspensions

Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun remained silent Monday in the wake of 13 additional suspensions levied by Major League Baseball, a result of the league’s long investigation into the Florida wellness clinic known as Biogenesis. The new bans were levied exactly two weeks after MLB suspended Braun for the Brewers’ remaining 65 regular season games.

In the visitor’s clubhouse at AT&T Park, where the Brewers began a four-game series against the Giants on Monday, it was business as usual.

Asked whether he had a reaction to Monday’s suspensions, Brewers reliever and Players Association representative John Axford said, “Not really, other than to say it’s obviously a good step to clean up this game. That’s something every player wants, they want a clean sport. As far as that goes, I think that’s definitely a positive.”

At the same time, Axford said it was entirely appropriate for the union to help defend Rodriguez in his appeal.

“Our union is there for us and to defend us, and if we have a particular issue or gripe that we want brought up, we want to know our union is going to defend us no matter what the issue is,” Axford said. “I think this is exactly what the union should be doing.”

Several Brewers players expressed sympathy for the teammates of players suspended Monday, who were answering the same tough questions with which the Brewers struggled two weeks ago.

“You just have to step past it,” Axford said. “That’s what these teams are going to have to do. Some of these teams were looking ahead to this already — they had ideas and thoughts that this was going to happen. But until it actually happens, you don’t know what to expect. For us, it was just about moving forward and playing out the rest of the year. Obviously, we haven’t forgotten about Brauny, by any means, but it seems everyone has moved past it pretty well.”

Said Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy: “It’s tough for these other teams, especially the ones in the playoff races. You lose your big guys. It’s tough, but it’s part of the process, and I’m glad to see the game is getting cleaned up. Hopefully this will all be behind us soon so everybody can focus on baseball. This has been a dark cloud over the game for a little bit, and hopefully we can get this cleaned up, move on and guys don’t try to do it any more.”

With these other suspensions out there, is it time for Braun to talk? That question produced a variety of answers. No one would answer anything on the record other than, “That’s up to Ryan.”

“It’s absolutely up to Ryan,” Axford said. “The legal matters that still surround it, I don’t know enough — I don’t know anything, really — about what’s going on. That’s up to Ryan and the group that he’s with.

“Obviously, there’s a confidentiality in place for our union [as it relates to] the Joint Drug Program, and that needs to stay in place. Everyone wants to know everything all the time, but we have this agreement in place to protect confidentiality, and it’s just unfortunate that a lot of it has leaked at times. This is not MLB against the players, it’s the players wanting to clean up the game, too, and that’s why that confidentiality is in there.”


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Mark should have cut ties with Braun as soon as Braun accepted the suspension.
Braun is not fit to stay in the majors. He should bd kicked off the Brewers and sent home

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