Brewers optimistic about Gomez injury

Carlos Gomez was sporting crutches and spoke of serious pain late Thursday, but the preliminary report about his sprained right knee was optimistic.

Gomez, injured when he crashed into the center field wall in the fourth inning of a 2-1 loss to the Reds, will undergo an MRI scan on Friday morning to determine the extent of his injury. The Brewers’ very early sense after head team physician William Raasch examined Gomez was that he avoided the sort of serious damage that led to ACL surgery last season for Mat Gamel and Alex Gonzalez.

Asked for his sense of the injury’s severity, Gomez said, “I feel really swollen and painful right now, but the doctor took a look and [said] it’s not as bad as I feel. He doesn’t think it’s something really serious. Right now, everything has started swelling and … it’s really painful right now and we’re going to find out tomorrow if there’s any damage.”

When Gamel and Gonzalez suffered torn ACLs on the same road trip last May, Brewers athletic trainers conducted manual tests and knew almost immediately what they were dealing with. Gomez underwent the same test on Thursday with much more promising results.

“It’s different,” Brewers manager Ron Roenicke said. “Dr. Raasch was in today and he already looked at [Gomez]. But you really never know until you have the MRI.”

Gomez also hit his right hip on the wall.

“It’s still really sore, but it’s not something I’m scared or worried about,” Gomez said. “I feel like when I hit the wall in the moment, my hip was really painful. But when I started walking around, it started to feel better. When I tried to run, my knee [did] not let me. I have to take the big step tomorrow and get the MRI to see if everything is fine. …

“The doctor said he doesn’t think we expect something bad. The way he checked my knee, he doesn’t expect something really dangerous. But the way I feel, it’s different. It feels painful.”

Gomez also missed some games earlier this season with a sprained left shoulder suffered in a crash with the same Miller Park wall.

“It’s part of the job,” he said. “You don’t want to hit the wall, you don’t want to get hurt, but sometimes you can’t control it. It’s part of the game.”

Said Roenicke: “It’s tough. He’s going to go after balls, he’s going to play hard, you want him to play hard. And yet, you certainly don’t want him to get hurt. If he is. we’re obviously not as good a team without him in the lineup or on defense.”


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The thing you know about this “no holds barred” guy is that he will be back in place just as soon as it’s humanly possible, if not sooner. It’s a joy to watch him, and any MLB roster would be better with him on it. You go, Carlos. As if anyone has to tell him to “go”; he was apparently born with one finger on the fast-forward button and a smile on his face.

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