Roenicke will continue juggling first basemen

Juan Francisco has seven hits and 27 strikeouts in his last 51 at-bats, and Yuniesky Betancourt is batting .182 since in his last 94 games.

So manager Ron Roenicke was asked Thursday a question many of you have wondered — why not simply play Sean Halton the rest of the way?

“It’s not just myself and the staff, it’s the people upstairs that we need to see something from Francisco,” Roenicke said. “Was the 12 or 13 home runs he hit, is this something that he has a chance to be more consistent at? If he does, you’re talking about a first baseman who has a chance to hit 30-plus homers. That’s what we need to find out for sure – is this just a little slump that he is in, or is this the kind of stuff we’re going to see from him.”

Roenicke said he would continue to pick a first baseman based on the matchups, indicating that all three players would see time at first base.


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I like the approach of letting the matchups dictate who will play first base. If, for example, the opposing team decides to include a pitcher in their starting lineup, then Yuni and Juan should be given the day off

this. a thousand times this.

That’s good stuff. He would’ve done better this year than Reynolds and Overbay, and at a fraction of the cost

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