Brewers fall instructional league underway

Add the fall instructional league to Brewers prospect Jason Rogers’ busy schedule.

Rogers and top 2013 Draft picks Devin Williams and Tucker Neuhaus highlight the list of players reporting Sunday to Maryvale Baseball Park for an instructional program that gets underway Monday morning. Rogers, who manned first base at Double-A Huntsville this season, will work a bit at third base before primarily playing left field in the Arizona Fall League as the Brewers increase his versatility for 2014.

Fifty-three players in all are listed on the Brewers’ instructional league roster — 42 on the regular roster and 11 more on an advanced roster. They include 20 of the team’s 2013 First Year Player Draft picks, and eight players from’s list of the top 20 Brewers prospects: outfielder Tyrone Taylor (No. 4), shortstop Orlando Arcia (No. 6), outfielder Victor Roache (No. 8), right-hander Williams (No. 9), catcher Clint Coulter (No. 11), infielder Neuhaus (No. 13), and right-handers Drew Gagnon (No. 15) and Damien Magnifico (No. 19).

Also participating are shortstop Franly Mallen and outfielder Nicolas Pierre, who received record-setting bonuses in the Dominican Republic in July.

“It’s mostly young guys,” assistant general manager Gord Ash said. “The instructional league has changed over the years. Twenty-five years ago, it would have been primarily Triple-A and Double-A guys just finishing off something, whether it was another pitch or learning to switch-hit, base stealing.

“I would say certainly in the last decade it’s been more about extension of rookie ball. So the concept in Arizona and Helena [the Brewers’ two rookie-level affiliates] is you come in, you get oriented to the world of professional baseball, playing every day, working out every day, traveling, but we don’t do a lot of mechanical work with you. You do all of that in the instructional league.”

That’s not to say there is no instruction in rookie ball, Ash said. If a pitcher’s mechanics are viewed as a threat to his health, it is addressed.

But many of the fundamentals are saved for the fall.

“You’re not putting in their mind interfering with their results,” Ash said. “In instructional league, results aren’t as important, so they are more open to adjustments.”

“When I was managing rookie ball, that’s what they did, too,” Brewers manager Ron Roenicke said. “The drafted guys, you don’t change. If they come to you and ask you, ‘Hey, I need some help,’ OK. I think it’s great, because a lot of times a scout will draft a guy for a certain reason, and he gets to rookie ball and you’ve got a coach who just wants to change everybody; maybe he wants to clone everybody, which doesn’t work. All of a sudden, this guy is a mess, and the scout says, ‘What happened?’”

Ash was not aware of any major positional changes in store for any of the Brewers’ participants. Coulter, the team’s top pick in the 2012 First-Year Player Draft, will continue to catch.

“He’s struggling,” Ash said. “He had a knee injury, and he has struggled with it. I think it’s also that he’s getting frustrated that [catching] is a little bit more difficult than he thought it would be. I’m sure this fall will answer that. We would like him to stick with it. It’s too early to give up yet.”

Nestor Corredor and Matt Erickson will each manage a team over a schedule that begins Wednesday and runs through Oct. 12.

More details:


67 Alexander, Tyler LHP 2013 draft – 27th rd
63 Astin, Barrett RHP 2013 draft – 3rd rd
22 Banda, Anthony LHP 2012 draft – 30th rd
59 Barnes, Jacob RHP 2011 draft – 14th rd
54 Diaz, Miguel RHP Signed December 2011
53 Ghelfi, Drew RHP  2013 draft – 25th rd
66 Hillis, Andrew RHP 2013 draft – 11th rd
57 Martin, Harvey RHP Signed June 2013
47 Ortega, Jorge RHP Signed April 2011
38 Peterson, Stephen LHP Signed June 2011
78 Razo, Chris RHP 2013 draft – 24th rd
79 Seidenberger, Trevor RHP 2013 draft – 12th rd
30 Terry, Clint LHP 2013 draft – 18th rd
31 Uhen, Joshua RHP 2013 draft – 5th rd
32 Ventura, Angel RHP Signed March 2011
77 Viramontes, Martin RHP 2012 draft – 28th rd
56 Williams, Devin RHP 2013 draft – 2nd rd
48 Williams, Taylor RHP 2013 draft – 4th rd

14 Berberet, Parker  2012 draft – 25th rd
23 Cleary, Jack  2013 draft – 39th rd
15 Coulter, Clint 2012 draft – 1st rd
16 Houle, Dustin 2011 draft – 8th rd
13 Norton, Tanner 2013 draft – 13th rd

6 Arcia, Orlando Signed October 2010
17 Brennan, Taylor 2012 draft – 37th rd
3 Castillo, Francisco Signed September 2010
18 Chal, Roosevert Signed June 2013
7 Cooper, Garrett 2013 draft – 6th rd
8 Denson, David  2013 draft – 15th rd
12 Garza, Mike  2012 draft – 20th rd
40 Harris, Jalen  2011 draft – 41st rd
10 Mallen, Franly Signed July 2013
2 Neuhaus, Tucker 2013 draft – Comp B rd
9 Ortega, Angel  2012 draft – 6th rd
Rogers, Jason 2010 draft – 32nd rd

1 Davis, Johnny 2013 draft – 22nd rd
11 Diaz, Brandon  2013 draft – 8th rd
36 Garcia, Omar 2013 draft – 7th rd
39 Pierre, Nicolas Signed July 2013
33 Ratterree, Michael 2013 draft – 10th rd
28 Roache, Victor 2012 draft – 1st rd
35 Williams, Eric 2013 draft – 23rd rd

Advanced Roster

51 Gagnon, Drew RHP 2011 draft – 3rd rd
52 Magnifico, Damien RHP 2012 draft – 5th rd
58 Medlen, Casey RHP 2011 draft – 37th rd
64 Miller, Matt RHP 2010 draft – 5th rd
41 Williams, Alan LHP Signed June 2010

21 Garfield, Cameron 2009 draft – 2nd rd
26 Roberts, Tyler  2009 draft – 10th rd

76 Ramirez, Nick 2011 draft – 4th rd

25 Reed, Michael 2011 draft – 5th rd
20 Richardson, D’Vontrey 2009 draft – 5th rd
37 Taylor, Tyrone 2012 draft – 2nd rd


Field Coordinator & Catching Instructor: Charlie Greene
Hitting Coordinator: Sandy Guerrero
OF/Baserunning Instructor: Reggie Williams
Infield Instructor: Bob Miscik
Pitching Coordinator: Rick Tomlin
Managers: Nestor Corredor, Matt Erickson
Coaches: Chuckie Caufield, Ned Yost IV
Pitching Coaches: Mark Dewey, Jose Nunez, Fred Dabney
Physical Therapist: Kevin Truitt
S/C Coordinator: Jeff Mester
S/C Specialists: Jake Marx, Tim Gifford
Athletic Trainer Coordinator: Frank Neville
Athletic Trainers: Adrian Ramon, Greg Barajas
Clubhouse: Matt Bass, Juan Garibay
Latin Liaison: Rolando Valles


Player Report Date: Sunday, September 15
First Workout: Monday, September 16

Wed September 18 MIL at TEX
Thu September 19 ARI at MIL
Fri September 20 MIL at SK Wyverns
Sat September 21 OAK @ MIL
Mon September 23 LAA @ MIL
Tue September 24 SK Wyverns at MIL
Wed September 25 CAMP
Thu September 26 MIL at LAA
Fri September 27 MIL at CHC
Sat September 28 SF at MIL
Mon September 30 Mexico at MIL
Tue October 1 COL at MIL
Wed October 2 CAMP
Thu October 3 MIL at OAK
Fri October 4 ARI at MIL
Sat October 5 NC Dinos at MIL
Mon October 7 MIL at SF
Tue October 8 Mexico at MIL
Wed October 9 CAMP
Thu October 10 OAK at MIL
Fri October 11 MIL at LAA
Sat October 12 CIN at MIL


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