Gomez strikes conciliatory tone after scrum

Here’s what Carlos Gomez had to say about his role in Wednesday’s Brewers-Braves fight at Turner Field. He confirmed that his beef with Braves starter Paul Maholm dates to June 23, when Maholm hit Gomez in the knee with a fastball.

“I did a little bit more [than he should have], and I apologize for this,” Gomez said. “But if you see the replay [from June], they hit me for no reason, and I tried to get it back today. It’s the only opportunity that I have, and that’s what I did. It’s nothing against the organization, for the Braves. I respect everyone. I would do the same thing if I’m on the other side if a guy did like I did today. Defend my teammate. But they are not in my head and on my side — they hit me for no reason. If I do something to get hit, I put my head down and go to first. But I didn’t deserve to get hit by a pitch last time, [so] that’s what I did today. I feel bad for all that happened today, because they’re in a situation, they’re going to the playoffs, and I don’t want anybody to get injured from my team or from their team.”

How is he sure Maholm hit him on purpose in June?

“You can watch the replay and you get answers,” Gomez said. “I know. I’ve been in the league seven years, and I know when I get hit on purpose and when not. I get hit many times, and I put my head down, I make no controversy for my hit by pitch. I always, in seven years, put my head down and walk to first, and nobody can say nothing about that. But today, I feel like I had to take it back, and that’s what I did.”

Gomez said Maholm had hit him twice previously, “but the last one is what I remember. This is what made me limp for two weeks because they hit me right on the bone on my knee and I was limping for two weeks. That’s not fun.”

On Brian McCann blocking Gomez’s path to home plate:

“If I’m the catcher, I do the same thing,” Gomez said. “I respect McCann, all he’s played, and I’m apologizing to his manager, the organization. I know it didn’t have to be that far, but, you know, the adrenaline, the emotions take you more than you expect. I didn’t expect to hit a home run and talk all the way around the bases, but the reason that I talked is that they talked to me [first] and I responded. If nobpdy talked to me, I’m [circling] the bases like I normally do. Two nights ago, I hit a home run and I put my head down and run the bases like nothing happened. Today, I took the pain back, and that’s what happened.

“I didn’t say anything bad. I just said, ‘You hit me, I hit you. Now we’re even.’ That’s all I said. I didn’t disrespect anybody. The only bad words that came to my mouth were when I’m standing at home plate and McCann dropped them on me. I said, ‘If you say that to me, I can say that to you. We’re all men.’ It’s nothing personal against them. Next time we play, I think it’s going to be over.”

McCann, Gomez said, “was screaming at me, but you expect then when you hit a home run and you’re ‘pimping’ it. If I’m from the other side, I’m going to be [upset] too. But I’m not afraid.”

He added: “It’s not good for the game, but it happened and you can’t control it.”

The fight cost the Brewers more than Gomez, who was ejected. Two innings later, third baseman Aramis Ramirez exited with renewed discomfort in the left knee that has troubled him all season. Ramirez is now questionable for the Brewers-Mets series at Citi Field.

At first, he said he had no comment about the fracas. Then, Ramirez added: “You’re not supposed to do that stuff. You just don’t do that. On both sides. You just don’t do that stuff. You have to be a professional, and that wasn’t.”

Asked whether he understood why the Braves were upset, Ramirez said, “You don’t do that stuff. I could be wrong. I know I wouldn’t do it.”


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do not condone that bs!

Finally. Considering Atlanta stole Milwaukee’s team in 1966, and in the meantime they foisted Ned Yost on us to rub salt in our wounds. It’s about time we showed them up and told them off. So there. Deal with it, you tomahawk-chopping numbskulls.

Talk about sour grapes. 1966? Get over it already.

How’s that NL central looking crew fans?

“It’s not good for the game, but it happened and you can’t control it.” Uhhh sure you can. Do what you did on your previous HR, put your head down and run the bases, you were able to control it then. So because he thought a HBP 3 months ago was intentional, his body goes into an uncontrollable tantrum where he’s shouting at everyone? He said he didn’t start shouting until the Braves started it, but why was he yelling directly at Maholm, who didn’t say a word until Gomez rounded 3rd base? Yell back at Freeman and McCann, sure, but why Maholm?

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Braves showed zero class here. The escalation is solely on their shoulders.

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