No Walk of Fame inductees this year

Another Walk of Fame shutout, the Brewers announce:

The Milwaukee Brewers announced today that there will not be an inductee to the Brewers Walk of Fame at Miller Park. A total of 40 votes were received and no candidates received the 26 votes necessary (65%) for election. Teddy Higuera (24 votes, 60%) and Joe Adcock (21 votes, 52.5%) were the closest to election.

Four former Brewers did not receive the necessary two votes to remain on the 2015 ballot. There were a total of 26 Brewers players and seven Braves players on the ballot. The ballots included on-field personnel who wore a Brewers or Braves uniform for a minimum of three seasons but have been retired from playing/managing roles for at least three seasons. All players and managers receiving votes on at least 5% of the ballots will remain eligible in 2015.

Past inductees include Hank Aaron, Rollie Fingers, Paul Molitor, Robin Yount in 2001; Commissioner Bud Selig and Cecil Cooper in 2002; Bob Uecker and Harry Dalton in 2003; Jim Gantner and Gorman Thomas in 2004; Don Money and Harvey Kuenn in 2005; Eddie Mathews, Warren Spahn and John Quinn in 2007 (the first year that former Braves players appeared on the ballot); Lew Burdette in 2010 and Johnny Logan in 2013.

Each inductee is honored with a granite plaque that is placed into the terrace area walkway that surrounds Miller Park.

The full results are as follows:

Player Name            Votes    Percentage
Jerry Augustine          7          17.5%
George Bamberger     20       50.0%
Sal Bando                    3           7.5%
Ronnie Belliard           0           0.0%
Mike Caldwell            18          45.0%
Bill Castro                   4          10.0%
Jeff Cirillo                   14          35.0%
Phil Garner                 5          12.5%
Gabe Gross                 0          0.0%
Teddy Higuera           24          60.0%
Larry Hisle                  5          12.5%
Geoff Jenkins             15          37.5%
Sixto Lezcano             5          12.5%
Mark Loretta              2          5.0%
Seth McClung             0          0.0%
Charlie Moore            5          12.5%
Ben Oglivie                14          35.0%
Dan Plesac                  8          20.0%
David Riske                0          0.0%
Bill Schroeder            4          10.0%
George Scott             10          25.0%
Ted Simmons            14          35.0%
Jim Slaton                    6          17.5%
Dale Sveum                 6          17.5%
Greg Vaughn               6          17.5%
Pete Vuckovich         20          50.0%

Joe Adcock                21          52.5%
Billy Bruton                 4          10.0%
Bob Buhl                      5          12.5%
Del Crandall               11          27.5%
Fred Haney                  2          5.0%
Felix Mantilla               3          7.5%
Andy Pafko                   2          5.0%

It is disappointing to see notable contributors to Brewers history like Higuera, Caldwell and others fall short of this high honor. But remember that the Brewers plan to install a “Wall of Honor” at Miller Park this year to recognize players who lasted in the organization. Here’s a link to my blog post about this new creation.


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