Tentative Minor League rosters released

The Brewers sent out tentative rosters for their Minor League affiliates this afternoon, and here’s a look:

Triple-A Nashville (28)
RHP Blazek, Michael
RHP Burgos, Hiram
RHP De La Torre, Jose
RHP Fiers, Mike
RHP Figaro, Alfredo
RHP Hand, Donovan
RHP Heckathorn, Kyle
RHP Hellweg, Johnny
LHP Mills, Brad
RHP Molleken, Dustin
RHP Nelson, Jimmy
RHP Pena, Ariel
RHP Wooten, Rob

C Diaz, Robinzon
C May, Lucas
C Pagnozzi, Matt

IF Falu, Irving
IF Gomez, Hector
IF Green, Taylor
IF Herrera, Elian
IF Morris, Hunter
IF Orr, Pete
IF Parker, Stephen
IF Velez, Eugenio

OF Gindl, Caleb
OF Halton, Sean
OF Hermida, Jeremy
OF Mattison, Kevin

(Here’s a story breaking down the Sounds’ roster from NashvilleSounds.com.)

Double-A Huntsville (28)
RHP Cravy, Tyler
RHP Gagnon, Drew
RHP Goforth, David
RHP Hall, Brooks
RHP Holle, Greg
RHP Jungmann, Taylor
LHP Leach, Brent
RHP Leon, Arcenio
RHP Lowe, Johnnie
RHP Marzec, Eric
RHP Medlen, Casey
RHP Moye, Andy
RHP Shackelford, Kevin
LHP Suter, Brent

C Paciorek, Joey
C Weisenburger, Adam
C Zarraga, Shawn

IF Hopkins, Greg
IF Prince, Josh
IF Ramirez, Nick
IF Rogers, Jason
IF Shaw, Nick
IF Statia, Hainley
IF Vucinich, Shea

OF Davis, Kentrail
OF Haniger, Mitch
OF Kjeldgaard, Brock
OF Richardson, D’Vontrey

(Breakdown from HuntsvilleStars.com)

Advanced Class A Brevard County (26)
RHP Barnes, Jacob
LHP Bradley, Jed
LHP Johnson, Hobbs
RHP Lopez, Jorge
RHP Magnifico, Damien
LHP Peterson, Stephen
RHP Pierce, Chad
RHP Poppe, Tanner
RHP Ross, Austin
LHP Strong, Michael
RHP Toledo, Tommy
RHP Viramontes, Martin
RHP Wagner, Tyler

C Berberet, Parker
C Garfield, Cameron

IF Arcia, Orlando
IF Cooper, Garrett
IF Garza, Mike
IF Macias, Brandon
IF Orf, Nathan
IF Rivera, Yadiel
IF Rodriguez, Alfredo

OF Reed, Michael
OF Roache, Victor
OF Sermo, Jose
OF Taylor, Tyrone

(Story here.)

Class A Wisconsin (28)
LHP Alexander, Tyler
RHP Archer, Tristan
RHP Astin, Barrett
LHP Banda, Anthony
RHP Diaz, Victor
RHP Fernandez, Rodolfo
RHP Gainey, Preston
LHP Linehan, Tyler
RHP Martin, Harvey
RHP Quintana, Zachary
RHP Razo, Chris
LHP Seidenberger, Trevor
RHP Spurlin, Tyler
RHP Williams, Taylor

C Coulter, Clint
C Neda, Rafael
C Eshleman, Paul

IF Brennan, Taylor
IF Castillo, Francisco
IF Denson, David
IF Halcomb, Steven
IF McFarland, Chris
IF Ortega, Angel

OF Davis, Johnny
OF Garcia, Omar
OF Pena, Jose
OF Ratterree, Michael
OF Roenicke, Lance (player/coach)

(Story here, with more on Roenicke’s role coming at Brewers.com this evening)

Extended Spring Training
(many of these players will populate the rookie-level Helena- and Arizona Brewers rosters.)

RHP Deeter, Ryan
RHP Diaz, Miguel
RHP Ghelfi, Drew
RHP Gomez, Milton
RHP Harvey, Seth
RHP Hillis, Andy
LHP James, Kevin
RHP Lavandero, Alex
RHP Lieser, Scott
RHP Lorenzo, Leonard
RHP Moore, Brandon
RHP Ortega, Jorge
LHP Ortega, Luis
RHP Rizzo, Gian
RHP Semmelhack, Eric
LHP Terry, Clint
RHP Thompson, Chad
RHP Torres, Josh
RHP Uhen, Josh
RHP Ventura, Angel
LHP Walla, Max
RHP Williams, Devin
RHP Williams, Mark

C Cleary, Jack
C Houle, Dustin
C Mejia, Natanael
C Narron, Connor
C Norton, Tanner
C Otano, Leudy
C Post, Milan

IF Aviles, Luis
IF Delmonico, Nicky
IF Leonardo, Daniel
IF Matos, Sthervin
IF Munoz, Gregory
IF Neuhaus, Tucker
IF Quiterio, Jorge
IF Sharkey, Alan

OF Belonis, Carlos
OF Diaz, Brandon
OF Rivera, Edgardo
OF Rubio, Elvis
OF Williams, Eric


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