Schafer slowed after hamstring tweak

Brewers manager Ron Roenicke wouldn’t hand his opponents an advantage by definitively saying so, but backup outfielder Logan Schafer was essentially sidelined Saturday by a minor hamstring injury.

Schafer said he felt a small pop in his right hamstring while stretching in the on-deck circle Thursday night, partially explaining why he opted to attempt to bunt with two strikes in the Brewers’ eventual loss to the Pirates, and why Elian Herrera, and not Schafer, entered the game Friday as part of a double switch.

“It’s a lot better today than it was yesterday,” Schafer said. “I’ve never had any problems with my hammy or anything. It was a little weird. I’m just getting treatment and staying on top of it.”

Said Brewers manager Ron Roenicke: “It’s better today, but it’s going to have to get a lot better by tomorrow and then we’ll make a decision with what we need to do.”

The Brewers will make a roster move Sunday morning to activate Lyle Overbay from the paternity list. If club officials are convinced Schafer won’t need a stint on the 15-day disabled list, they could return utility man Elian Herrera to Triple-A Nashville. That would leave Schafer as the only true backup outfielder.

Schafer is the first Brewer this season sidelined by a hamstring, an injury that happened to dog the Brewers last season despite the best efforts of the medical staff. This spring, Brewers medical director Roger Caplinger told about additional steps the team was undertaking to limit leg injuries.

“Josh [Seligman, Milwaukee’s strength and conditioning coordinator] has done everything he could,” Roenicke said. “Stretching, he’s changed some things to try to get to where our hamstrings are better. I don’t know, just freak things.”

“It’s something we could not prevent,” Schafer said. “This game is a tough game, tough on your physically, and I wasn’t really doing anything. I wasn’t running for a fly ball, I wasn’t running down the line. I was just stretching it out. It was one of those random things. That stuff happens in this game, and you kind of get healthy and get over it as quick as possible and get back out there as soon as you can.”

More on that bunt, which I realize has been a topic of conversation on Twitter: Schafer wound up pushing a third strike foul, and I asked him whether he decided to bunt there because he’d just felt the pop in his hamstring.

“Yes and no,” he said. “I was able to swing away; that wasn’t the manager’s call. But he did say [earlier this month in Boston] that if I have a chance to bunt with two strikes, he doesn’t mind if I try to still try and get down the bunt. In that situation, I felt like I should make sure I should get the bunt down. It just didn’t happen. … I just didn’t get the job done. Sometimes that happens.”


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