Lucroy, Gomez up, Braun down in latest ASG update

Ryan Braun fell from third to sixth in the latest round of All-Star Game balloting results released by Major League Baseball on Tuesday, but some of his Brewers teammates made gains. Here’s the latest data:


Tuesday, June 3

First Basemen   Catchers
# Player Club Votes   # Player Club Votes
Adrian Gonzalez Dodgers 647,826   Yadier Molina Cardinals 1,210,579
Justin Morneau Rockies 525,614   Buster Posey Giants 766,356
Freddie Freeman Braves 511,177   Jonathan Lucroy Brewers 522,310
Paul Goldschmidt D-backs 490,659   Evan Gattis Braves 388,548
Brandon Belt Giants 421,900   Devin Mesoraco Reds 258,528
Second Basemen   Outfielders
# Player Club Votes   # Player Club Votes
Chase Utley Phillies 974,196   Yasiel Puig Dodgers 935,276
Dee Gordon Dodgers 530,289   Charlie Blackmon Rockies 883,186
Neil Walker Pirates 365,050   Giancarlo Stanton Marlins 863,307
Brandon Phillips Reds 304,541   Andrew McCutchen Pirates 823,862
Daniel Murphy Mets 298,611   Carlos Gomez Brewers 819,385
          Ryan Braun Brewers 750,672
Third Basemen   Justin Upton Braves 556,305
# Player Club Votes   Angel Pagan Giants 536,006
Nolan Arenado Rockies 590,745   Mike Morse Giants 501,711
David Wright Mets 565,982   Hunter Pence Giants 463,266
Aramis Ramirez Brewers 472,321   Matt Holliday Cardinals 406,720
Pablo Sandoval Giants 463,050   Michael Cuddyer Rockies 357,277
Juan Uribe Dodgers 436,776   Carlos Gonzalez Rockies 332,600
          Khris Davis Brewers 329,744
Shortstops   Bryce Harper Nationals 314,860
# Player Club Votes          
Troy Tulowitzki Rockies 1,419,718  
Brandon Crawford Giants 446,937    
Jean Segura Brewers 403,259  
Hanley Ramirez Dodgers 366,355  
Jhonny Peralta Cardinals 347,854  


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