Ramirez says he’s ready to go

The potent Milwaukee lineup will get a boost on Wednesday, when third baseman Aramis Ramirez is expected to be activated from the disabled list.

Ramirez has been sidelined for three weeks with a strained left hamstring but says he feels ready to go following a two-day rehab stint with the Class A Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. Ramirez went 2-for-6 over two games and played four innings at third base on Sunday before he left the game after a rain delay.

Milwaukee manager Ron Roenicke said the scouting report from his son, Wisconsin coach Lance Roenicke, was positive.

“He said he swing the bat really good yesterday,” Roenicke said. “The first day, his timing was a little off. Yesterday was good. The last ball he hit, he hit a bullet to first base, which tells you he’s really staying back on the ball, seeing the ball well. He said he moved around a lot, so [those are] good signs.”

Ramirez and Roenicke confirmed that he would be used as a designated hitter on Wednesday and the team would reevaluate after that. Ramirez went through pregame activities with the Brewers on Tuesday and said that playing DH would allow him to play nine full innings on his first day back.

“I don’t want to [come out of the game early], and that’s one of the reasons I went to rehab,” Ramirez said. “I didn’t want to play five innings and leave. With the DH I can play the whole game, and when I play the field, it’s going to be nine innings.”

Roenicke said he knew where he would slot Ramirez in the lineup but wouldn’t say where. Though Ramirez has not been in the starting lineup in any position other than third or fourth since joining the Brewers in 2012, he said he was open to moving elsewhere now that Jonathan Lucroy and Carlos Gomez have been productive in the third and fourth spots, respectively.

“I usually hit third and fourth in Chicago, and since I’ve been here I’ve hit fourth, but it doesn’t really matter,” Ramirez said. “The bottom line is winning games, and the first four guys in the lineup, ‘Siggy’ [Jean Segura], ‘Brauny,’ and ‘Luc’ and then Gomez, they’re doing a pretty good job, so there’s no reason for us to change the lineup.”

— Caitlin Swieca


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