Day 1 Draft roundup

The Brewers swung for the fences on Day 1 of the First-Year Player Draft, selecting three high-ceiling high schoolers with picks No. 12, 41 and 50. Here’s a rundown of the coverage over at

First round, No. 12 overall: LHP Kodi Medeiros

No, Medeiros did not touch 97 mph during a workout last week at Miller Park, as Medeiros himself had heard. But he was impressive, showing a low- to mid-90s fastball with terrific movement and cementing the Brewers’ desire to make him the highest left-handed pitcher drafted in franchise history, and the highest-ever Draft pick born in Hawaii.

“He just came here and emphasized that he was a guy we were really high on,” Brewers amateur scouting director Bruce Seid said. “No one ever said the workout was the end-all, but it certainly was the exclamation point.”

Medeiros is represented by adviser David Matranga and committed to Pepperdine University if he does not sign with the Brewers, but the slot value assigned the 12th overall is significant: $2,805,700.

“It’s just a dream come true,” Medeiros said at MLB Network’s studios in Secaucus, N.J., where he attended the Draft. “All the hard work and sacrifices and all the help from my family and my brother and everyone else who helped me along the way. It just paid off.”

Some scouting reports project Medeiros as a reliever because of his low arm angle and Will Smith-like slider, but Seid and Brewers GM Doug Melvin said they’ll introduce him to the system as a starter.

First round supplemental, No. 41 overall: SS Jacob Gatewood

The 6-foot-5 Californian joins an impressive list of shortstops drafted by the Brewers before the start of the second round (scroll down at the link), from Robin Yount to Gary Sheffield. Both wound up playing other positions in the Major Leagues, and so could Gatewood, who has an impressive arm and an impressive bat.

“I feel like I need to try to become more of an overall better hitter, hit for average as well as for power, because I know my power’s there and the more consistent I make contact the better my power’s going to play in the game,” Gatewood said. “Obviously, if I get a chance to play shortstop, I need to work as hard as I can to stay there. I know it’s not going to be easy being my height, but I know it’s possible since there’s guys that have done it before. That’s all I need to know, that it’s possible.”

He is being advised by Danny Lozano and is committed to USC if he doesn’t sign with the Brewers. The 41st overall pick has an assigned slot value of $1,384,900.

Second round, No. 50 overall: OF Monte Harrison

The Missouri multi-sport star is committed to playing baseball and football at the University of Nebraska, and is just as promising in both sports. The Brewers know he will need some convincing.

“We know it’s going to be probably a tougher sign,” Seid said, “but at the same time, you have to take opportunities like this. If we can make it work, we’ll make it work.”

Agent Rob Martin is advising Harrison, who attended Thursday’s Draft in person but had departed MLB Network studios before slipping to the Brewers in the second round. Major League Baseball assigned a slot value of $1,100,300 to the 50th overall pick.

The Kansas City Star ran a terrific story about Harrison earlier this week, detailing his football ambitions and how he got into athletics in the first place, following the death of his father 12 years ago. The story is well worth a read, and ends like this:

When it comes to his future, Harrison isn’t giving anything away. He refuses to discuss the draft with even his closest friends.

A week before Lee’s Summit West lost in the Class 5 postseason, Harrison arrived at practice an hour early, took a seat atop the dugout bench and stared out toward the baseball diamond. In the midst of a year in which he can’t escape the constant calls, text messages and letters, he has come to appreciate these quieter moments.

“I could see myself doing this,” he says, breaking the silence.

And spurning Nebraska?

Harrison smiles.

“I guess you’re just going to have to wait and see.”

The same goes for all of the Brewers picks in the First-Year Player Draft, which continues Friday with Rounds 3-10 and Saturday with Rounds 11-40. Look to and for full coverage, scouting reports and video, and follow associate reporter @CaitlinSwieca on Twitter for details about the Brewers’ selections while I cover the Brewers in Pittsburgh.

Teams have until July 18 to sign their selections.


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