Gomez return appears imminent

Carlos Gomez came through Saturday’s batting practice session well enough that the Brewers have graduated to the next step: Trying to figure out where to reinstate him to the starting lineup. 

Limited to pinch-running and defense since Sunday because of a sprained left wrist, Gomez will probably slot back into the leadoff hole, perhaps as soon as Monday night against the Marlins. 

“We talked about it today. I think that’s what we’ll do,” manager Ron Roenicke said Sunday moning. “It kind of depends talking to him and where he is. If he would feel more comfortable down somewhere, we’ll do that. He hasn’t really been gone that long, so it’s more on physically what he can do.”

Gomez was to be examined prior to Sunday’s game by head team physician William Raasch. If he checked out, Gomez would be available immediately off the bench. 

When Gomez returns, the Brewers will essentially be back to all hands on deck as they look to reverse their recent losing ways. 

“Yeah, we’ve got our guys,” Roenicke said. “We’ll see with Gomey what he’s like when he comes back. I think there has to be, probably, a little apprehension when he goes to swing. We’ll kind of see how he gets through this period until he gets confident with it.” 
Gomez said Saturday the biggest worry is how the wrist will hold up when he swings and misses, and Roenicke added, “That’s part of what bothers you, because if he feels it again, it’s pretty hard to just let it go and swing hard again. I think he can [dial back] some, it’s just — you get a fastball inside, what do you do? You can’t say, ‘Well, I’m just going to swing 80 percent,’ when you know you’ll never get the bat head there if you do that. That’s the hard part about it.”

Two more notes about Sunday’s lineup: 
— Ryan Braun moving up to the two-hole and Jonathan Lucroy taking over at No. 3 is a response to the way Braun is swinging the bat lately, with renewed pain in his right hand. That was covered over at Brewers.com yesterday. When Gomez returns, Braun may fall into the five-hole. 
“He’s OK with wherever we put him,” Roenicke said. “But we need him to start swinging like we’re used to seeing him swing.”
— The Brewers usually put Lucroy at first base and Martin Maldonado behind the plate against a left-handed starting pitcher, but they did so Sunday against Cardinals right-hander Adam Wainwright because Roenicke decided Lucroy needed a break behind the plate.
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