Enhanced security policy in place for Opening Day

IMG_6658The Brewers begin the 47th season in franchise history today — their 46th in Milwaukee, 18th as a member of the National League and, believe it or not, 15th at Miller Park.

Two pieces of advice for today:

1. Pace yourselves. Between Opening Day against the Rockies this afternoon and the Badgers in the National Championship Game tonight, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

2. Head to your seat early.

An edict from Major League Baseball requires teams to screen fans at they enter every game at every stadium this season, so it will take longer than usual to get through the gates at Miller Park, especially for sold-out games like today’s. To help ease the burden today, the Brewers will open the stadium gates 2 1/2 hours before game time, at 10:40 a.m. CT.

All fans will walk through a metal detector prior to having their tickets scanned. If the device detects the presence of metal, the guest will be checked with a hand-held wand. Bags will still be checked, just as they have been for the last several years.The Brewers will have an Express Lane at most gates for fans entering Miller Park without a bag or purse.

Bottom line: It will take some time to get to your seat. Come in early.

And hey, if you get stuck in line, you can revisit our Opening Day preview content at Brewers.com:

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We trade 2 good pitchers to get a strong offense and now there is talk about trading offense for pitchers. Geeez, stop already. The team is solid when healthy, stay the course and make a few tweeks. but that’s all

I am very very happy I haven’t bought a Brewer ticket since 1992. This “rebuilding” mentality is an excuse to unload the team, to cheat the fans, to produce a substandard product. 2016 looks like the Brewers will lose 120 games, you’ve got a left and a right-fielder and one starting pitcher, the rest is other teams discards. This is the worst roster in team history. (April 1970 was my first game at County Stadium) The Brewers figure their fan base is so stupid and brain dead that will sell hundreds of millions $$$ in tickets regardless of whether they field a team of Legion ball players. It will take three consecutive Brewer playoff years to get me to buy another ticket. It almost is a complete waste of time following MLB, I hold the 1960’s as the best of times.

added… but oh I have been forced to pay for this Brewers crap in taxation!! There are no economic dividend for any taxpayers outside the parking lot area. Next time, pay your own way or leave!

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