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Cracked the Top 10

userpic-73-250x250.pngJust wanted to say thanks to all of you who made Brew Beat the 10th-most visited beat writer blog on our network during baseball’s regular season. We trailed teams like the Braves and Cubs and Yankees and Cardinals, and needed only one more spot to give me permanent bragging rights over Ian Browne and Red Sox nation. I’ll see what I can cook up this winter to pass him by.

The full list of regular-season leaders in all categories is available here.

Up to No. 8!

Just saw the newly updated list of leaders in the MLBlogsphere and we’re up to No. 8 among the beat writers. Thanks to everyone for following the stuff here, and on the main site, and on Twitter. I read all of the comments and I appreciate those of you who have joined the discussion.

Interesting roster move coming today/tomorrow for the Brewers. I imagine they will make some sort of move with Chris Duffy, which would be too bad after his nice Spring Training. The only other option I could think of is Jorge Julio, who has a very good arm but walks way too many batters for manager Ken Macha’s tastes. Casey McGehee has Minor League options, but I wonder if Bill Hall reached the end of the rope tonight against Oswalt and we’ll start seeing McGehee more at third base.

Anyway, intriguing days are ahead, and I just wanted to stop to say I appreciate all of you who have joined in. I’m trying to be better about integrating the blog and the “tweets” into my coverage, and it’s a work in progress.


[Should have mentioned that I’m headed home this morning and won’t have the Minny series. You’re in good hands, and I’ll catch everybody on Memorial Day back at Miller Park.]