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Ump says he got the call right

The Brewers were crying foul Friday night, but veteran umpire Brian Gorman was convinced he made the right call. 

Pinch-hitter Tony Clark hit a disputed go-ahead double in the middle of a four-run D-backs rally that the Brewers and the 42,810 fans at sold-out Miller Park were convinced was a foul ball. Whether the baseball kicked up some chalk was a matter for debate, but the final score was not in a 5-2 Brewers loss that ended their four-game winning streak.

“If any part of the ball hits any part of the line, it’s fair,” said Gorman, who has been calling big league games since 1991 and has a World Series to his credit.

He had video evidence all cued up in the umpire’s dressing room. It was a close-up of the foul line from the Brewers’ television feed. Most of the baseball-sized indentation was indeed on the “foul” side of the line, but a sliver of white chalk was missing.

“Doesn’t it look like it hit some of the line?” Gorman asked a reporter. “That’s about as close as you can get to the line and just nick it. But any part of the line is fair.”

Major League Baseball did institute an instant replay system last season, but it’s only used to determine fair or foul on home run balls. Clark’s hit was not reviewable.

“Even if we did have replay and we saw that, we’d call it fair, wouldn’t we?” Gorman asked. “We’ve got evidence.”