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Braun: Manny was being Manny

manny being manny-thumb-220x230.jpgAccording to the Brewers’ Ryan Braun, Manny was being Manny on Saturday night.

Braun was manning left field in the fourth inning at Dodger Stadium when he heard commotion over his shoulder. When Braun turned around and scanned the stands, he didn’t quite believe what he saw.

“Me and Cam [Brewers center fielder Mike Cameron] were both looking and we were like, ‘Is that Manny? It’s Manny!'” Braun said with a big smile. “He’s crazy.”

According to Braun, Ramirez was milling with fans in the left field bleachers, dressed out in his full road uniform. If it indeed was him, Ramirez must have changed out of his home whites after exiting the game in the third inning — Juan Pierre replaced Ramirez as Dodgers manager Joe Torre rested many of his regulars at the end of a long Spring Training — and somehow sneaked out to the stands.

“At first I was wondering if it was just someone who looked like Manny,” Braun said. “But it was him. Hilarious.”

If there is any video or photographic evidence to support Braun’s story, I’d love to see it. The Dodgers televised the game, and as far as I know their “snooping cameras” (as former Brewers skipper Ned Yost liked to call them) didn’t catch Manny in the stands. At first I thought Braun was feeling so good about his seventh-inning solo homer that he decided to play a belated April Fool’s joke on a couple of reporters. Hey, we’re easy targets.

But he was serious.

Ramirez was 0-for-1 in a couple of plate appearances Saturday, when the Brewers scored four runs in the ninth inning for a 7-4 win. He walked in the first inning and was thrown out at the plate, then grounded out in the second.

The Dodgers will play one more exhibition game on Sunday in San Francisco, but Ramirez isn’t on the trip. Too bad for the fans in left field at AT&T Park.