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Down the stretch they come! Wait, where's Trenni?

sausage+race.jpgFor those who missed it, Milwaukee’s own Trenni Kusnierek put together a feature about the Klement’s Sausage Race that aired this week on the MLB Network, and her abject failure is available for all to see at 

(I feel comfortable calling it a failure, because I once finished third. Although, there were only four sausages then, and I was so far behind that my then-colleague who took pictures labeled them, “smoked sausage.” I still maintain that my third is better than Trenni’s fourth, and it’s my blog so it’s my call.)

Anyway, Here’s the link.


Brewers on the MLB Network

MLB Network is scheduled to air six Brewers Spring Training games including four live broadcasts. Here’s the lineup:

March 23 – Brewers at Rockies, 4 p.m. CT
March 27 – Brewers at Rangers, 8 p.m. CT (live)
March 31 – Brewers at Padres, 9 p.m. CT (live)
April 1 – Brewers vs. Diamondbacks, 8 p.m. CT
April 2 – Brewers at White Sox, 2 p.m. CT (live)
April 4 – Brewers at Dodgers, 9 p.m. CT (live)

Note that the March 23 and March 31 games will also air on FS Wisconsin and the April 1 game will air in Milwaukee on WMLW.

One more broadcasting note: The Brewers Radio Network will not carry Friday’s game, so the TV team of Brian Anderson and Bill Schroeder will be behind the mic for their first webcast when the Brewers travel to Phoenix Municipal Stadium to face the A’s.